Whether helping teachers solidify their financial footing, protecting children from sexual predators or providing a suite of on-demand software applications that empowers today’s mobile workforce, Bob consistently applies his talents in the service of others.


eAgency Systems, Inc. – The number one source of trusted mobile security for consumers, law enforcement agencies, and businesses worldwide. Creator of RADAR and My Mobile Watchdog child protection applications. Offering enterprise solutions through carriers including AT&T, China Mobile, and Verizon. Founded 2001.

NiceOffice eAgency

Financial & Health Research Institute

Empowering Americans to make better-informed decisions about financial decisions and retirement planning. F&H provides unbiased financial planning resources and a professional membership program that connects consumers with ethical and licensed financial professionals. Founded 1998.

Tax Deferred Solutions

Tax Deferred Solutions (TDS) is a California-based full-service plan administrator with a proven track record of providing quality services to public schools and municipalities since 1978. Now serving more than 300 school districts and municipalities, making TDS California’s largest plan administrator.

The Lotter Group

From estate planning to tax strategies, serving the special needs of affluent individuals and providing business management services to small-to-medium sized companies. The Lotter Group is known for its client loyalty and unparalleled integrity. Founded 1991.

Child Safety & Law Enforcement

Watching with alarm as the Internet and mobile phone age brought with it a high-tech way for child predators to ensnare victims, Bob invented RADAR, an application that enables local law enforcement, FBI, and homeland security to track, archive and aid during the prosecution of would-be offenders before they can do physical harm to children. RADAR, which Bob initially provided at no cost to law enforcement agencies, has helped capture and convict more than 2,000 child predators over the past eight years.