November 14, 2017

Children losing the ability to hold a conversation because of technology, Wimpy Kid author says 

Children are losing the ability to hold a conversation because of their use of technology, the best-selling author of the Wimpy Kid series has said.

November 10, 2017

Why We Should All Ditch Other Messaging Apps for Signal

Encrypted, simple, and free, Signal is the one messaging app you need on your phone.

November 09, 2017

‘Uber for babysitters’: The future of childcare or a step too far?

It’s billed as a cashless, fast and easy childcare solution and sounds like a godsend to busy parents, but would you entrust your children to a babysitter chosen from an app?

November 08, 2017

Richard Wistocki – TEDxNaperville

Internet Crimes Investigator

November 07, 2017

Fake WhatsApp Downloaded More Than 1 Million Times From Google Play

Google seems uninterested in policing its Android app store.

November 06, 2017

Cyberbullying 101: What Is Cyberbullying?

How do you define cyberbullying? An internet safety expert reveals cyberbullying facts and ways to stop cyberbullying.

November 06, 2017

18 Tips to Stop Cyberbullying

Parents, children, and school administrators can take steps to prevent cyberbullying before it starts or becomes worse.

November 04, 2017

Just How Dangerous Are Smartphones for Kids? Here’s Why Health Experts Are Worried

New research explores the connection between depression and phone use

November 03, 2017

Instagram Superzoom records dramatic close-up videos

Instagram’s newest feature lets you make your own “Dramatic Chipmunk”-style video by shooting a stuttered zoom-in, including cinematic sound effects, with a..

November 03, 2017

WhatsApp finally lets you recall messages you’ve sent by mistake

WhatsApp has finally got your back when you send a message to the wrong person or group. The Facebook-owned messaging app is rolling out a feature that will..