Robert Lotter

Bob Lotter has dedicated his life to the protection of others. It’s the secret of his success.

By focusing his energies on the protection of others, Bob Lotter has risen from humble beginnings to becoming a highly successful owner, CEO, and investor. An inventor and mobile technology innovator, he approaches every challenge with a strict adherence to military-style investigation, testing, and problem solving.

Whether helping teachers solidify their financial footing, protecting children from sexual predators or providing a suite of on-demand software applications that empowers today’s mobile workforce, Bob consistently applies his talents in the service of others.

Even before enrolling in college, Bob joined the military to serve his country. For a decade, he worked on behalf of the U.S. Nuclear program, becoming a maintenance specialist, chief, and instructor. He was twice awarded The Army Service Commendation Medal.

Bob’s volunteer work, including chairing the Orange County (CA) Inmate Re-Entry Program, was honored with The President’s Volunteer Service Award, the nation’s premier volunteers recognition.

Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year

For his flair as a business leader and innovator, he was named the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year.

Yet Bob’s greatest reward derives from the knowledge that through his efforts, he has helped hundreds of thousands of others live safer, more productive, and more financially secure lives.

Bob, himself, arose from humble beginnings. Raised in a lower middle-class family in the Midwest, his father worked for a military contractor and first exposed Bob to the military-style processes that are at the core of Bob’s problem-solving ingenuity.

His belief is that every obstacle, whether in business or civic life, can be successfully overcome by applying a disciplined process of assessment, testing, and evaluation, coupled with creativity.

Applying such intellectual curiosity, control and vigor is how Bob has consistently thrived on the cutting edge of technology and business innovation. When most business executives were still only imagining the age of personal computers, Bob was assembling his own.

A Mobile Technology Innovator

When he witnessed his own workforce and those of other companies losing productivity when they worked in the field, Bob became a mobile technology innovator, earning three patents and revolutionizing the way companies and independent salespeople do business.

Watching with alarm as the Internet and mobile phone age brought with it a high-tech way for child predators to ensnare victims, Bob invented RADAR, an application that enables local law enforcement, FBI, and homeland security to track, archive and aid during the prosecution of would-be offenders before they can do physical harm to children. RADAR, which Bob initially provided at no cost to law enforcement agencies, has helped capture and convict more than 2,000 child predators over the past eight years.

Bob has built or acquired six companies in the financial services and mobile technology industries, as well as raised more than $30 million in capital for wireless-mobile start-ups. National television programs, newspapers and magazines have regularly showcased him and his products.

Private Life and Philanthropy

In his private life, Bob uses his attention to process and systems to power his personal passions. He is a private jet and helicopter pilot, as well as a yacht captain. He also enjoys motorcycle racing, bicycling, and fine wine. His love of animals has led to his ongoing involvement with horse and dog rescue organizations.

When Robert Lotter first contemplated volunteering for the U.S. Army, he tested to become a military pilot. As it turned out, his service with the high-security U.S. Nuclear program kept Bob’s feet planted on terra firma.

But intrepid student and adventurer that Bob is, in his post-Army career Bob took it upon himself to learn to pilot private jets and helicopters, now among his many passions.

Bob is often aloft. Consistent with his nature, he uses his flight skills to benefit the public.

Although Bob’s primary residence is in Orange County, CA, he regularly pilots to Bend, OR, where he purchased and operates a 300-acre horse rescue ranch. Bob has been saving and placing horses with loving families for almost a decade.

More recently, Bob has begun transporting dogs that otherwise would likely be put down from urban areas in California to ranches in Oregon, where they run freely and live out their years as beloved members of new families.

Bob is a long-time supporter of veterans. He is now an active participant in the Wounded Warrior Project, which works to support injured service members and their families. Military-provided flights are not always convenient or hassle-free. When wounded vets need to fly to visit family or receive special medical assistance, Bob volunteers to transport them if conventional military transport isn’t handy. Likewise, at times, Bob flies the families of wounded vets to be with their loved ones.

“I am proud to be a veteran,” Bob says. While his career in the military ended more than three decades ago, his service never has.