About Robert Lotter

Robert Lotter took his experience running one of the largest financial planning groups in Southern California and applied it to developing advanced communication and customer support systems for the enterprise and mobile workforce.

Since then, eAgency has revolutionized the way companies and independent sales representatives do business. With Nice Office Web, Nice Office Wireless, and other ground-breaking technology solutions, Robert Lotter has pioneered efficient, innovative CRM/SFA tools and wireless platforms that simplify a wide range of industries.

Robert Lotter’s management experience spans 17 years as an entrepreneur. During the past sixteen years in the insurance industry, he has enjoyed considerable success receiving over 37 prestigious industry awards including Ernst and Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist.

Robert Lotter

His current venture, eAgency Systems, was launched in 2000 and is now a leading provider of on-demand software that mobilizes the data and applications of small to medium businesses. Using the technology pioneered by Robert Lotter, eAgency's Nice Office suite of products provides the mobile workforce with cost-effective, fully-integrated web and wireless collaboration solutions that support any industry and require no third-party integration.